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Wildlife Tours Australia

1 Day Great Ocean Road Tours,Phillip Island Penguin Parade Tours & The Grampians National Park – The Best Melbourne Tours!!

Fantastic guided tours for budget travellers! Join us for an incredible touring experience that will keep you entertained, excited, and leave you speechless as we tour some of the highlights of Australia's rugged southern coastline. We visit Bells Beach, the coastal towns of Lorne and Anglesea, spot Koalas at Kennett River, walk along the beach in Apollo Bay, go for a bushwalk in the Otway's Rainforest, marvel at the 12 apostles, loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge. For our extended 2 and 3 day tours you have the opportunity to visit one of Australia's most incredible National Parks the Grampians. Keep an eye out for whales as we travel through Warrnambool, marvel at the breathtaking views of Baroka and Reid's lookout, splash yourself with the refreshing waters of Mackenzie Falls and allow our experienced guides to take care of you throughout the entire experience. The opportunity to travel onwards to Adelaide on our 2 and 3 day trip is also available. We tour the Great Ocean Road every day, so join in the fun and jump on board with Wildlife Tours Australia.

Great Ocean Road Tours

One of the best drives in Australia is located on a 243 Kilometer (151 mile) stretch of road located in south-eastern Australia between the cities Torquay and Warrnambool. The Great Ocean Road was built in 1932 as a tribute to World War 1 victims and is currently the world’s largest war memorial. Many tourist attractions can be found along the Great Ocean Road including the Twelve Apostles which are giant limestone rocks shooting out of the Southern Ocean.

The Great Ocean Road begins in the city of Torquay and is officially designated as the B100. It is a two lane paved road that has one lane dedicated to each direction with an official speed limit of 80 Kilometers per hour. Some of the towns settled along the road include; Anglesea, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Port Campbell. The Great Ocean Road is just part of a longer road that can be traveled from Melbourne to Adelaide in roughly 8 to 9 hours nonstop.

Construction on the Great Ocean Road began on 19 September 1919. It was initiated to give returning soldiers jobs and to increase the road network into sparsely populated areas of western Victoria. Prior to the road being constructed, all major transportation was completed via sea or bush tracking. The road not only made transportation easier, but it also connected the isolated communities along the coast. Construction of the road also ensured a new and faster means of transportation for the timber industry which worked in the isolated rain forests along the coast.
The road was first opened on 18 March 1922 between Eastern View and Lorne. It stayed open until 10 May 1922 when it was closed for further construction eventually reopening 21 December 1922 as a toll road to help recuperate costs. The Great Ocean Road was finally completed in November of 1932 ending the final stretch to Apollo Bay.
The Great Ocean Road continued to gain awards for years after its completion. In 1962 it was deemed one of the world’s great scenic drives by the tourist development authority. The year 2011 brought a major achievement to the road when it was added to the Australian National Heritage List.

Despite the right history associated with the Great Ocean Road, its true magic lies in the small towns that are scattered throughout. One example of this small town charm with far reaching grasp is the town of Torquay and its main companies; Rip Curl and Quicksilver. If you’re into a more relaxing activity then check out Lorne which is equipped with a Mediterranean feel and spectacular beaches. Exploring the many rainforests can be accomplished at the town of Colac where tourists are able to bushwalk to numerous beaches and waterfalls. There are many unique towns to explore which will meet anyone’s interest and all of them are family friendly.

Getting around the Great Ocean Road is easy as well leaving visitors with a few different options. The first and most common are the hire a car and drive at your own pace. If driving isn’t appealing then numerous bus services are available to show visitors all of the interesting points along the road. Finally, different areas offer helicopter and airplane tours of the Great Ocean Road as well as some various points of interest. Various visitor information centers are available along the trek for anyone requiring additional information during their journey.

The Great Ocean Road is the perfect trip for anyone seeking a great drive populated with many points of interest along the way. It is truly an excellent adventure and family friendly the entire way. Make sure to schedule a visit soon and see why it is one of the world’s great scenic drives today.